Susan D. Saunders

Susan's unique background as Mediator with a master's in Social Work, Certified in Addictions and Certified Trauma Specialist sets Annapolis Mediator apart from all others; recognized by the Maryland Bar Association and Leading Mediator/ Parent Coordinator in Maryland Courts

With a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding trauma, substance abuse, and mental health issues, Susan brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Her commitment to continuous learning ensures that the services provided are rooted in the latest evidence-based practices, making Annapolis Mediator a trusted ally in personal development.

Practice Areas

Transforming Family & Couple Dynamics with Expert Mediation, Counseling, and Coaching

Family Counseling

Providing therapeutic support to families facing challenges in communication, relationships, and parenting.
Offering individual and group counseling sessions to address specific family dynamics and issues.

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Mediation Services

Conducting mediation sessions to resolve disputes related to custody, visitation, and other family matters.
Helping parties reach mutually agreeable solutions without the need for court intervention.

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Parenting Coordination

Assisting parents in implementing and adhering to parenting plans.
Facilitating communication and conflict resolution between co-parents.
Monitoring compliance with court orders related to parenting time and responsibilities.

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Clients Story

Susan is that smart, wise, compassionate Mediator you’d think you had to invent, but fortunately, she is for real. So thankful!

Susan’s compassionate approach and professional skills have made a significant positive impact on many lives. I highly recommend her for her outstanding contributions to mental health and family mediation. Her recognition by the Maryland Bar and Courts as a mediator and parenting coordinator underscores her expertise and dedication.
Susan Saunders, MSW-CAC-AD. Mediator, Parenting Coordinator